After 10 PM Music Ban! What to Do Then?

In Delhi, the fun doesn’t stop when the clock strikes 10 PM, even if the DJ has to turn off the loudspeakers. Here’s a simple guide to keep your wedding lively without breaking the sound rules.

1. Book a Dhol Wala for a True Desi Vibe

  • Desi Beats: Even after 10 PM, you can enjoy live music with traditional instruments like the Dhol. A Dhol Wala in delhi adds energetic beats perfect for Bhangra and keeps everyone on their feet.
  • Fun with Rhythms: Dhol players are great at making music interactive. They can teach your guests simple beats or lead a fun dance battle.
  • Roots of Tradition: Dhols are a big part of Indian weddings. Having a Dhol Wala makes your wedding feel deeply traditional and special.

2. Acoustic Music Set

  • Guitar and More: Instead of loudspeakers, bring in musicians who play acoustic instruments like guitars or violins. They can play softly in the background, making the atmosphere magical.
  • Sing Along: Why not a sing-along? You can set up a simple karaoke with acoustic music, letting everyone have a turn to sing their favorite songs.

3. Silent Disco Time

  • Dance on Your Own Tune: At a silent disco, everyone gets headphones and dances to songs played by DJs through a transmitter. It’s super fun and keeps things quiet outside.
  • Choose Your DJ: There can be more than one DJ playing different types of music. Guests can choose which DJ’s music they want to listen to via their headphones.

4. Movie Night Under the Stars

  • Open-Air Cinema: Imagine watching favorite movies on a big screen under the night sky. Set up a projector and play some romantic comedies or feel-good movies.
  • Cozy Corners: Create a cozy place with soft cushions, blankets, and maybe even some fairy lights for that extra charm.

5. Game Night

  • Play Together: Bring out fun games like charades or board games. It’s a great way to mix up groups and have a lot of laughs.
  • Little Rewards: Have small gifts ready for game winners—it adds to the excitement!

6. Midnight Snacks Corner

  • Tasty Bites: Dancing and games can make anyone hungry. How about some quick snacks like mini pizzas or fancy sandwiches?
  • Tea or Coffee: Set up a tea and coffee station where guests can grab a warm drink to relax or recharge.

7. Local Dance and Stories

  • Folk Dance Show: Invite dancers to perform regional dances. This can be very entertaining and doesn’t need loud music.
  • Tales to Tell: Have someone share interesting stories or fun facts about the traditions of both families involved in the wedding.

8. Photo Booth Fun

  • Dress Up and Snap: Set up a photo booth with funny hats and props. It’s a hit at any party and lets guests take home a fun memory.
  • Instant Photos: Provide instant photos as keepsakes. It’s a lovely reminder of the fun night.

9. Fireworks Show

  • Sky Light Show: If it’s allowed, a quick fireworks show can be mesmerizing. Make sure it’s done safely and professionally.

10. Share and Care Moments

  • Cherish Memories: Have a time where guests can talk about their favorite moments with the bride and groom.
  • Craft a Message: Set up a corner where they can write wishes or advice for the newlyweds’ new journey.

    This guide provides fun and unique ideas to keep your wedding exciting and memorable, even with the After 10 PM Music Ban! Each activity is designed to ensure guests have a fantastic time while respecting local sound rules. Enjoy your big day with these thoughtful and lively alternatives!

Loud music must be turned off to avoid noise pollution, but there are many fun alternatives.

Yes, Dhol Walas can play as their music is acoustic and not amplified through loudspeakers.

Check with your venue about local rules. If allowed, it can be a stunning addition to your celebration.