Book Dhol Tasha Wala

In the heart of every celebration, the beats of the Dhol Tasha resound, bringing joy and energy to the festivities. Whether it’s a vibrant wedding, a grand shaadi, or any event celebration, our Dhol Tasha Pathak services are here to elevate your experience. With rhythms that pulse through the crowd and create an unforgettable atmosphere, our team ensures your event is memorable.



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Why Choose Our Dhol Tasha Service?

Unmatched Energy and Enthusiasm

Our team of skilled Dhol Tasha performers are not just musicians; they are carriers of tradition and excitement. They bring an infectious energy that spreads through every guest, making your celebration a lively and dynamic event.

Tailored Performances for Every Occasion

From intimate weddings to large-scale corporate events, our Dhol and Tasha performances are tailored to fit the unique vibe and scale of your event. We understand the importance of customization and offer a variety of rhythms and beats to match the theme of your celebration.

Competitive Dhol Tasha Price

We believe in providing exceptional value without compromising on quality. Our Dhol Tasha prices are designed to be competitive while ensuring you get the best performance for your investment. Additionally, our Nashik Dhol Tasha price packages offer a range of options that suit all budgets and event sizes.

Understanding Dhol Tasha Prices

We believe in transparency and offer detailed explanations of our pricing. The tasha dhol wala price varies depending on the size of the group and the duration of the performance. Contact us to get a customized quote that suits your budget and requirements.



Dhol tasha is a traditional Indian musical ensemble consisting of large, powerful drums called dhols and smaller cymbals known as tashas. It’s commonly used in festivals and celebrations across India.

Booking a performance is easy! Simply contact us through our website or phone, and we’ll guide you through the booking process based on your event details and requirements.

Prices can vary depending on several factors such as event duration, number of performers, and location. We offer competitive pricing and will provide a clear quote tailored to your specific event needs.

Our performers are not only skilled musicians but also passionate entertainers who engage with the audience to create an electrifying atmosphere. Plus, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us a preferred choice for all celebrations.