Hiring a Dhol Wala for Corporate Events: What to Expect

Corporate events are usually formal and professional, but sometimes they need a bit of fun and excitement. Hiring a Dhol Wala can bring energy and joy to your corporate event. A Dhol Wala is a person who plays the dhol, a traditional Indian drum. Here’s what you can expect when you hire a Dhol Wala for your corporate event.

Adding Fun and Excitement

A Dhol Wala adds a lot of fun to any event. The loud and rhythmic beats of the dhol can make everyone want to get up and dance. This can be a great icebreaker, especially at the start of the event. It helps to get everyone in a good mood and ready to enjoy the event.

Unique Experience

Most corporate events are quite similar, with speeches, presentations, and formal dinners. Hiring a Dhol Wala can make your event stand out. The unique sound of the dhol and the lively performance will make your event memorable. Your guests will talk about it for a long time.

Cultural Touch

If your company values diversity and wants to showcase different cultures, hiring a Dhol Wala is a great idea. The dhol is a significant part of Indian culture, and having a Dhol Wala at your event can show respect and appreciation for this culture. It can be especially meaningful if you have employees or clients from India.

Great for Celebrations

If your corporate event is a celebration, like an anniversary, a milestone achievement, or a holiday party, a Dhol Wala is perfect. The energetic beats are great for celebrations and can make the event feel more festive and joyful.

Engaging the Crowd

A Dhol Wala can engage the crowd in ways that other performers might not be able to. They can move around the venue, interact with guests, and get people involved in the performance. This can make the event more interactive and fun for everyone.

Setting the Right Mood

The dhol beats can be fast and energetic or slow and rhythmic, depending on the mood you want to set. If you want a high-energy event, the Dhol Wala can play fast beats. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, they can play slower rhythms. This flexibility makes a Dhol Wala suitable for various parts of your event.

Professional Performance

When you hire a Dhol Wala, you can expect a professional performance. Most Dhol Walas have years of experience and know how to entertain a crowd. They will arrive on time, dressed appropriately for your event, and ready to perform. You can discuss your event’s needs and preferences with them beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Coordination with Other Performers

If you have other performers or activities planned for your event, a Dhol Wala can easily coordinate with them. They can perform during breaks, as guests arrive, or at specific moments during the event. This coordination helps in maintaining a smooth flow throughout the event.

Cost and Budget

Hiring a Dhol Wala is usually quite affordable, especially compared to other types of entertainment. The cost can vary depending on the Dhol Wala’s experience, the length of the performance, and the location of your event. It’s a good idea to discuss your budget and get a quote beforehand.

Sound Setup

Most Dhol Walas bring their own dhol, but you may need to arrange for a sound system, especially if your event is large. Discuss this with the Dhol Wala in advance to ensure they have everything they need for a great performance.


If you want the performance to be perfect, you can arrange a rehearsal. This allows the Dhol Wala to understand the venue, the flow of the event, and any specific requests you have. It also ensures that there are no surprises on the day of the event.

Positive Vibes

The sound of the dhol is very positive and uplifting. It can create a happy and energetic atmosphere at your event. This can be great for team building and boosting morale among your employees. Happy employees are more productive and motivated.

Guests’ Participation

A Dhol Wala can encourage guests to participate. Whether it’s dancing, clapping, or simply enjoying the music, this participation can make your event more lively and engaging. It’s a great way to break the ice and get people to relax and enjoy themselves.


Hiring a Dhol Wala for your corporate event can add a unique and exciting element to the occasion. It’s a great way to create a memorable experience for your guests, celebrate special moments, and show appreciation for different cultures. Whether you want to energize the crowd, set a festive mood, or simply add something different to your event, a Dhol Wala can deliver.

If you’re planning a corporate event and want to add a special touch, consider hiring a Dhol Wala in delhi. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

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