The Role of Dhol in Traditional Indian Sports

Dhol is a special drum used in many parts of India. It is an important part of our culture and tradition. One place where the dhol plays a big role is in traditional Indian sports. In this blog, we will talk about how the dhol adds excitement and energy to sports events in India.

What is a Dhol?

Before we talk about its role in sports, let’s understand what a dhol is. A dhol is a double-sided drum made of wood. It has a thick leather cover on both sides. One side makes a deep sound, and the other side makes a high-pitched sound. The dhol is played with sticks called “dagga” and “tilli”. It is a loud and vibrant instrument that can be heard from far away.

Dhol in Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a famous traditional Indian sport. It is played by two teams on a small field. Players try to touch their opponents and return to their side without being caught. The dhol is very important in kabaddi matches. When the game starts, the dhol players beat the drum to create a lively atmosphere. The sound of the dhol gives energy to the players and excitement to the audience. It makes the game more thrilling to watch.

Dhol in Wrestling (Kushti)

Wrestling, also known as kushti, is another traditional Indian sport. It is usually played in a mud pit called an “akhada”. The dhol is played during wrestling matches to cheer for the wrestlers. The beats of the dhol match the moves of the wrestlers, making the competition more intense. The sound of the dhol encourages the wrestlers to show their strength and skills. It also keeps the crowd engaged and enthusiastic.

Dhol in Bullock Cart Racing

Bullock cart racing is a traditional sport in rural India. In this sport, bullocks pull a cart, and the driver controls them to race against others. The dhol is played to mark the start of the race and to cheer for the participants. The loud beats of the dhol drive the bullocks to run faster and make the race more exciting. The rhythmic sound of the dhol keeps the crowd on their toes and adds a festive mood to the event.

Dhol in Boat Racing

Boat racing is popular in states like Kerala. In this sport, long boats are rowed by teams to compete against each other. The dhol is played during the race to keep the rowers in sync. The beats of the dhol help the rowers to maintain their rhythm and row faster. The sound of the dhol echoes over the water, creating an exciting atmosphere. It motivates the teams and entertains the spectators.

Dhol in Kite Flying Competitions

Kite flying is a joyful sport during festivals like Makar Sankranti. In kite flying competitions, the dhol is played to add to the celebration. The beats of the dhol make the event lively and fun. The sound of the dhol matches the thrill of flying kites high in the sky. It brings energy to the participants and joy to the onlookers.

Dhol in Traditional Marathons

In some parts of India, traditional marathons are organized during festivals. The runners race through villages or towns, and the dhol is played to cheer them on. The beats of the dhol keep the runners motivated and energized. It also creates a festive atmosphere along the route. The sound of the dhol encourages the villagers to come out and support the runners, making the marathon a community event.

Dhol in Archery Competitions

Archery is an ancient sport in India. In traditional archery competitions, the dhol is played to cheer for the archers. The rhythmic beats of the dhol add to the tension and excitement of the competition. The sound of the dhol helps the archers to focus and aim better. It also keeps the audience engaged and supportive.

Dhol in Rural Sports Festivals

Many rural sports festivals are held in India, where different traditional sports are played. The dhol is an essential part of these festivals. It is played to announce the start of events, to cheer for participants, and to celebrate victories. The sound of the dhol brings energy and enthusiasm to the festival. It connects the community and adds to the joy of the celebrations.


The dhol is more than just a musical instrument. It plays a vital role in traditional Indian sports. The sound of the dhol adds excitement, energy, and spirit to the games. It motivates the players and entertains the audience. The dhol is a symbol of our rich cultural heritage and continues to be an important part of sports events in India.

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